The magic formula of Ukrainian women’s tremendous popularity

Ukraine is a land of opportunities for those seeking a 100% reliable and trustful partner to establish a long-lasting relationship full of love, devotion, and happiness. For western singles, women there are just a godsend, no less. They combine conservative views on family values with the progressive mindset of the modern woman with her willingness to contribute to the welfare of her family. Being devoted and caring mothers, at the same time, Ukrainian ladies are used to working full hours. And gorgeous, always neat appearance is only a little bonus.

Why Ukrainian brides are in huge demand: the secret revealed

Why Ukrainian brides are in huge demand: the secret revealed

In the globalized world, international dating is a usual practice. According to the official statistics, the number of successful marriages between foreign women and American men has doubled over the last decade, averaging about 6,000 annually, and most women in these unions were met through various online matchmakers. The tradition of looking overseas for wives traces back to the ’70s, when western males, dissatisfied with the drastic changes that the feminist movement brought to society, started using the so-called mail bride agencies in the hope of finding more traditional life partners.

The sudden collapse of the Soviet bloc in the east opened a new window of opportunities for the West in the ’90s. The marriage market, which was previously dominated by girls from the Philippines, Korea, and similar countries, changed significantly. The unique, harmonious combination of western appearance and eastern habits was a good advantage of women from the former USSR, as a result, they almost immediately gained popularity with foreign bachelors and took the top places in the charts.

Balanced personality is a gift

A large number of single men in the West consider westernized women too feministic, too demanding, and too concentrated on their careers to a happy marriage. In these circumstances, Ukrainian brides are like fresh air — they have all the qualities that their female counterparts on the local markets lack and, what is more important, they have clear goals of starting a family, which they are more than ready to achieve. An ideal wife, in the first place, is a girl who wishes to be a wife, and for Ukrainians, a marriage and family life is not a flippant journey but rather everyday work and a commitment. A perfect marriage is all about motivation and capabilities, and they possess it all.

Ukraine has always had a freedom-loving culture with the elements of democracy and a long history of fighting for it, which shaped a national character famous for being strong and independent. Even during the reign of communism, the majority of Ukrainians were retaining respect for private property and love for freedom. At the same time, Christianity has always played an important role there, and this factor has been contributing to the spread of the values that are now mostly known as traditional or conservative. These morals are still not forgotten and quite popular in the country’s society. Hence, a typical woman there has a mindset where the western approach to economics and politics goes together with the eastern respect for a husband and a family. In other words, though situated in Eastern Europe, the country has a population that is mentally, culturally, and intellectually highly compatible with Europeans and Americans.

A win-win relationship

Unfortunately, the economic conditions of the country can be characterized as a permanent downturn. Thanks to this, there are always people out there who would like to come to the US or any European country. And an improvement in quality of life, in the sense of the satisfaction of material desires, is not the sole reason for relocation. Many Ukrainian women do not consider domestic bridegrooms to be a perfect match. A large percentage of the local male population, especially in rural areas, are heavy drinkers, or simply rude, or have a criminal history. Therefore, for a woman, especially for a mature one, a marriage to a local candidate is often a bitter compromise rather than the path to harmony and happiness. The perception of foreigners is always positive — even the rudest American drunkard would be a polite social drinker in Ukraine, as widely believed.

If you are still a bachelor and think that time is running out, Ukraine is a chance to find a girlfriend. Countless Ukrainian brides have already proved to be ideal wifeys. The official numbers cannot lie — in this very moment, someone in Texas or Bavaria is probably tasting hot, freshly cooked borscht or varenyky and making a warm family conversation with his charming beloved spouse from Ukraine. If you are interested in a devoted and trustful life partner, who is not afraid of household chores and knows how to keep the family finances in good order, just start acting and your dream will certainly come true. Simply remember that these ladies not only want to find a way out of poverty but husbands who are seeking equal partners, not servants.

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