Modern mail order brides: a fresh look on the old tradition

Establishing romantic connections remotely is probably the most convenient and reliable way to put an end to loneliness. Today, the computer gives the collocation “mail-order bride” a completely new meaning. Singles from different countries are no longer being limited by the slowness of a postal service. They can search through the millions of dating options at the speed of their thoughts, which impressively increases the statistical probability of meeting a significant other and building a truly devoted relationship.

How to order a bride in the 21st century

How to order a bride in the 21st century

In the USA, the tradition of looking for a love over long distances starts back in the 17th century, when men, conquering the American frontier under conditions of a huge deficit of women, started to use magazines, newspapers, and matchmakers to find themselves wives in other corners of the country or even farther — in Europe. The only means of communication back then was a postal service, and that is how the expression “mail order brides” appeared. The practice evolved with time into hundreds of professional marriage agencies in the late 20th century. With their help, thousands of lonely bachelors have found themselves perfect matches and have spent years in happy marriages despite spouses’ different origins and cultures.

These days, countless people are dating online and there is no single meaningful reason to postpone joining their lively and vivid community. In addition to the physical comfort of searches, it offers some extra opportunities and advantages:

  • Girls who listed themselves on the specialized websites are psychologically ready for dating and starting a family. And this is not just a declaration of intent, it is their readiness to act, to do everyday work on building relationships, to make efforts to keep them alive. Indeed, no one publishes personal data just to have some fun.
  • A person meeting your expectations can be found with ease. Choosing a female profile with required parameters including religion, hobbies, race, age, social circle, political views, or whatever else is a matter of a little time. You are free to restrict the number of contacts thus avoiding potentially unpleasant dates with undesirable candidates.
  • The number of existing possibilities is impressive. It not only broadens your search but also raises motivation. Looking through all those profiles creates the pleasant sense that the woman of dreams is just around the nearest corner.
  • A lot of individuals who list themselves there are driven by the desire to get a beloved spouse once and forever. They are so disappointed with the candidates from their local environment that are now even ready to relocate to an unfamiliar country finally to find their happiness. Therefore, if marriage is what needed, you can likely fulfill your dream unless you are extremely lazy.
  • The matchmaking websites usually care about the safety of their visitors, so all the personal info provided by the members is checked, which helps to reduce swindle and harassment. The agencies dedicated to international dating can often help with communication: they offer translations of important online conversations, chats, and email letters. Many of them even undertake required arrangements if the visiting of a foreign country has been planned.
  • The modern searching algorithms show impressive, almost perfect results. They can figure out a girl who fits your personality simply by using a single photograph of you. Of course, relying solely on math is not going to be the best decision, but if you do not know where to start — this little step ahead is better than doing completely nothing.

You are now probably concerned with getting an idea of what country to choose, which one is the best to order your future bride from. Well, the Philippines together with Korea ruled the marriage market in the closest past but they have all recently been left behind by Russia and Ukraine. Women from these lands have reasonable advantages over Asian counterparts: their western-like appearance and compatible way of thinking are what made them favorites. In addition to their European beauty, they tend to be slightly more traditional when it comes to household chores and family. They like to cook and keep the house in order. Their hubbies are always well fed and look neat. That is the inherited way their mothers used to live. If you wish to spend a life full of positive impressions, appetizing wholesome food, and love that comes from a caring wife, you should certainly opt for Russians or Ukrainians. They are considered the best by many, which is proved by the official immigration statistics.

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